Amazon Party




The first day we pick you up from the airport in Puerto Maldonado to take you to a Hotel in town from there we take you on a boat trip of three hours on the Madre de Dios River with drinks, local cocktails, nice danceable music and a Guide that shows you everything on the river and try to locate an spot to fish.
At night we set up for a disco night tour that includes visiting at least three different disco clubs. This activity get more fun at weekends especially on Sundays.


We start at 10.00 am after breakfast to head for a river activity on nautical bikes or horse riding or Kayaking until 13.00 hours. – Optional Sandoval Lake excursion.
At 13:00 hours, We take you to visit the low Tambopata Corridor to offer you an outdoor grill experience to enjoy local beef and sausages or fish with local dressings; there we will have the chance to use four-wheel motorcycles or just bikes to go around a local’s property.


The third day we take you to the airport on the last flight.

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