Bird watching



Day One.

We pick you up from the Airport in Puerto Maldonado at your arrival and transfer you to our offices where you can repack your stuff if you need it. Right after that we take a van to the Inferno Port, a Lodge on the Tambopata river, where you will stay for two days exploring around the magnificent Cocococha Lake. In this location we can for example spot kingfishers, hoatzins or stinky birds, different types of herons and anhingas. As an afternoon activity we can go a 42 meter high tower to appreciate the different forest layers and look for macaws and tucans.

Day Two.

At dawn we will take you to a Parrots Clay Lick to spot different parrot species. After this activity, which lasts a couple of hours, we go back to the Lodge for breakfast. At 10:30 in the morning we will go trekking along several paths around the Lodge to spot birds on the ground and the low forest layers like tinamous, trumpeters, nunbirds, trogons , woodpeckers and others.

In the afternoon we go on a boat trip for about an hour to spot birds along the Tambopata river banks with great chances of spotting silver herons, hawks, vultures, kites and macaws, usually flying.

At night we go in search for birds such as owls and nightjars. This can be a boat or trail activity depending on the weather conditions. You and your Jungle Guide will do the best planning for the night.

Day Three.

On our third day we change location to another Lodge for a chance to spot different birds. Upon arrival we will set up activities according to your Jungle Guide proposals.
In the afternoon we go on a jungle trekking for a couple of hours to then return to the Lodge. Dinner follows at 7.30 and right after we take a walk to spot night birds.

Day Four.

Early morning we head to El Chuncho Clay Lick, one of the biggest clay licks in the area, on a four hour boat trip to camp there and spot birds around its trails and at night have dinner.

Day Five.

This is the biggest day. At 5:00 am. we head to the Clay Lick to spot mainly parrots and macaws but with great possibilities to spot the likes of spik's guans, falcons and hawks . This can take between two to three hours, we then return to the lodge to spend the rest of the day.
We eat lunch on arrival to the lodge to then plan our afternoon activities, which can be boat or trail excursions depending on the weather conditions and the Guiding Planning for the location.

Day Six.

We exit the lodge after breakfast and to go the Airport.

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