Mystical Life


First Day.

The Tour starts when we pick you up from the Airport in Puerto Maldonado and then we transfer you to the Lodge in a road trip for 45 minutes and afterwards a boat trip of an hour.
In the lodge we will provide you with full board and the diet for the ceremony has to be carried carefully, for instance the first night you should eat only a light broth or a vegetables soup or just take water. The ceremony is performed around eight o’clock at night and it starts by an introductory talk given by the Shaman so you can understand the Amazon People Cosmovision, then you will receive the Ayahuasca (Death Rope Drink) and the effects can be experienced in an hour time and they normally last for around four hours and they consist in a hallucinogen experience mixed with an stomach purge. In fact there is a chance to sense your inner being and understand things that may be troubling you for a long time or just hyper sense the jungle its sounds and powerful forces.

Second Day.

The next day we take you on a light walk at around 11:00 am. For around and hour to learn about medicinal plants and its traditional usage by the native jungle communities and off course spot fauna.
In the afternoon we take you to a huge tower that allows us to overview the forest canopy and probably look for fauna such as eagles or macaws that overfly the emergent forest layer.
At night we do a night walk to spot insects or night fauna for around and hour.

Third Day.

The following day we start early morning to head for the Cocococha Lake in a 5 ½ km. hike that is plenty of chances of spotting the luxurious vegetation and fauna. Once on the lake we tour it for around an hour looking for the giant otters and spotting amazing things such as the Shanshos or Hoatzins also known as Stinky Birds with a prehistorical look. After this we head back to the lodge for lunch time.
In the afternoon we go to Laguna Chica or Small Lagoon to spot birds and spot fauna there. We can also enjoy a wonderful sunset view point to do nice pics.

Fourth Day.

We leave for Puerto Maldonado on a boat trip to get you to the Airport.

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